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Music & Mindfulness

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Dear Colleagues and Friends, Emerging research continues to show the benefits of mindfulness for children and teens. Some of the researched benefits include increased focus, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and coping with illness and pain. Here at the Institute for Girls’ Development, we are always looking for ways to enhance the use of mindfulness in the…

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Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting

The other day as I was rushing through the morning to get my 4 year old prepared for a day at summer camp when I realized in a moment of frustration that I had been repeating the same request over and over again without any follow through from him… a frustrating situation indeed for me…

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Moving Beyond Appearance

Sadly, we sometimes hear from girls as young as 6 years old about their fears of being fat.  As girls move toward the teen years, research shows a significant increase in what we refer to as body dissatisfaction. We hear from worried parents, “what can I do to help my daughter feel good about her…

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Get Assertive!

Our favorite definition of assertive is “educating others on how you want to be treated.” This is a vital skill for young women today – in friendship, in dating relationships, at work and in school.  Watch this 1 minute video with Dr. Melissa J. Johnson, psychologist, CEO and founder of the Institute on how you…

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Friendship Stress? Friendship Tools!

The middle school girl friendship world gets a bad rap.  We hear about “drama,” mean girls, and exclusion.  Social media adds to friendship stress. What’s a girl to do?  What’s a parent to do?  We all want girls to enjoy positive friendships. In fact, research shows that girls grow through connection.  Relationships with peers and…

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Expect the Unexpected

Tools for wonderful and challenging times Life is full of surprises – wonderful, awful, beautiful, challenging surprises.  As we wear our many hats –  parents, educators, human beings who work with and care about young people – how can we meet the unexpected with grace and courage?  And, how can we help the girls and…

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