Empowering girls and women for life.

Through fun activities and conversation, our Institute groups are designed to help girls build skills, gain confidence, and enjoy connection. Some of the skills girls learn in their groups include:

How to make and keep friends
Awareness of social cues
Conversational skills
Empathy and compassion
How to deal with mean behavior – their own and others
Ways to solve conflicts
The joy of working together
Ways to manage energy and attention
How to calm strong emotions
Ways to cope with worry thoughts
Self-care and mindfulness
Building a positive mindset
Feeling good about who they are in their growing bodies

In the pre-group meeting, you, your daughter, and your daughter’s prospective group therapist will discuss the specific goals that will be most helpful to your daughter.

FOR PARENTS: You are vital to your daughter’s growth in group. Some of our groups for girls offer a concurrent parent group; some provide periodic workshops for parents. In addition, we like to meet regularly with parents to hear from you about your daughter. These sessions include discussion of your daughter’s growth as well as ways that you can support her skill development and hardiness at home. We look forward to a collaborative working relationship with you.

For ages 5 – 8: Peaceful Me: Getting along with myself and others™ and concurrent Mindful Parenting Group.

GIRLS: A unique group therapy opportunity that helps girls in early elementary school and their parents learn more about the ins and outs of emotional regulation. Using crafts, songs, games, mindfulness skills, and movement, our dedicated team teaches girls ages 5-8 about how their brains, bodies, and emotions all link together, and how to use this knowledge to grow effective coping skills.

PARENTS: This group offers a concurrent parent group. Parents meet in their own group, at the same time their daughters meet, where they learn how to apply the same knowledge to their day to day parenting.

For more information, please contact (626) 585-8075, ext. 108.

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