Monthly Archives: March 2005

The Social World of Girls, Part 1

Cliques, popular girls, mean girls, rumors, gossip, exclusion, “behind my back,” secrets, bullying, whispering, being “in,” name-calling, glaring, “she turned her back,” being left out, bossy, being uninvited. When we spend time listening to girls, their stories–sooner or later–turn to their relational experiences. They share stories of profound and joyous connection and devastating betrayal and

I Just Want to Know What She’s Up to! Making Successful Appointments with Your Daughter

It’s back-to-school time. And, things get busy fast! The desire of your heart is to maintain some quality time with your daughter but so many demands interfere. Plus, your daughter may seem disinterested in those “meaningful conversations.” Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: You come home from work to find your daughter quietly watching TV. You

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