Monthly Archives: July 2013

Parents talking to daughters about body image

Moving Beyond Appearance

Sadly, we sometimes hear from girls as young as 6 years old about their fears of being fat.  As girls move toward the teen years, research shows a significant increase in what we refer to as body dissatisfaction. We hear from worried parents, “what can I do to help my daughter feel good about her

Get Assertive!

Our favorite definition of assertive is “educating others on how you want to be treated.” This is a vital skill for young women today – in friendship, in dating relationships, at work and in school.  Watch this 1 minute video with Dr. Melissa J. Johnson, psychologist, CEO and founder of the Institute on how you

Friendship Stress? Friendship Tools!

The middle school girl friendship world gets a bad rap.  We hear about “drama,” mean girls, and exclusion.  Social media adds to friendship stress. What’s a girl to do?  What’s a parent to do?  We all want girls to enjoy positive friendships. In fact, research shows that girls grow through connection.  Relationships with peers and

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