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Announcing our expanded Perinatal & Postpartum Program!

Announcing our expanded Perinatal & Postpartum Program!   We know how beautiful, frustrating, exciting and exhausting it can be to begin the parenthood journey. Our compassionate therapists offer unique support and resources to assist women in gently finding their way through the many stages of starting or growing a family. Our expanded Perinatal and Postpartum

Gratitude Paper Chains

GRATITUDE PAPER CHAINS Create a Gratitude Chain with your family. Use colored paper and pre-write a gratitude prompt on each link. Then, tape the links together and hang the chain. Each day, remove one link – maybe during a family dinner – and everyone can answer that prompt. Some prompt ideas: Name a food, game, friend, trip,

Gratitude Journals

GRATITUDE JOURNALS Grace M Goodman, Psy.D. Gratitude journals have been shown to increase happiness and decrease stress. To get the most benefit from gratitude journaling, follow these helpful guidelines: Journal once or twice per week. Evidence suggests that this is more beneficial than journaling daily. Pick one or two things that you are grateful for

Embracing Gratitude

EMBRACING GRATITUDE Thanksgiving is the holiday most associated with gratitude, but you can engage in the practice of gratitude all year long! After all, gratitude has been associated with greater happiness, better health and sleep, improved self-esteem, lasting relationships, and more. So why isn’t gratitude a regular habit for so many of us? Sure, sometimes it’s

Does your daughter experience big feelings?

Some of us are born with higher levels of emotional sensitivity than others and experience emotions on a particularly profound level. These individuals are sometimes referred to as “super-sensors” or highly sensitive. There are upsides to being a super-sensor with big feelings, such as the capacity to feel compassion for others very deeply. There can

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