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The birth of a baby brings with it a sea change of profound emotions — joy, excitement, awe, anxiety, confusion.  Having a baby, whether your first or your third, creates a monumental shift that ripples through every hemisphere of your life — identity, physical, psychological, and career, while changing your relationships with your partner, extended family, and friends. Not surprisingly, mothers and fathers, are susceptible to postpartum mood disorders. 1 in 7 women suffer from postpartum anxiety or depression. Up to 4 percent of fathers experience postpartum depression during their child’s first year. Untreated, postpartum mood disorders worsen over time, increase the risk of poor infant/parent attachment, and can lead to unhealthy development of the child.

As a new parent, it can feel difficult to tease apart if your feelings of worry, irritability, foggy thinking, inability to sleep, excessive or too little eating are simply a function of new parenting, or clinically significant. Our Maternal Mental Health team can help assess, and provide appropriate comprehensive and specialized treatment.

Our Postpartum therapy services for mothers and their partners include:



Motherhood Journey Groups

Our popular and long-running Motherhood Journey Therapy Group, for moms experiencing postpartum challenges, is now being offered on both weekday and weekend mornings!

Here at the Institute we know how beautiful, frustrating, exciting and exhausting the early days and years of parenthood can be. Along the journey lies uncharted territory: sleep disturbances, body image issues, changes in relationships, and, sometimes, depression and anxiety.

Our Motherhood Journey psychotherapy groups, led by our experienced and compassionate therapists, provide a safe place for support, connection, resources and tools.

Growing your family or becoming a mom for the first time? Looking for a place to be real?

Supportive, skills-oriented and mindfulness-based, the Motherhood Journey groups provide a safe and nurturing space for mothers of children 0-2 years of age, to connect, share, and evolve as they navigate the postpartum years.

For more information please contact us at 626-585-8075, ext. 108.

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