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Art as Language

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Art as Language: Enriching Communication Through Art By Sushi Frausto, LMFT To say art is a language is, in reality, a bit misleading.  Art is a process of communication that includes language but moves beyond the grammatical and linguistic limits of language.  Art is an overarching term often commonly used for all expressive and creative…

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I Just Want to Know What She’s Up to! Making Successful Appointments with Your Daughter

It’s back-to-school time. And, things get busy fast! The desire of your heart is to maintain some quality time with your daughter but so many demands interfere. Plus, your daughter may seem disinterested in those “meaningful conversations.” Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar: You come home from work to find your daughter quietly watching TV. You…

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Respect Activities

Courtney Macavinta and Andrea Vander Pluym are the authors of Respect: A Girl’s Guide to Getting Respect & Dealing When Your Line Is Crossed. About the book: “Quotes and advice from teen girls, true stories, and facts keep it real. Activities, journaling exercises, ideas for what teens can say when they are upset or pressured, and…

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What’s Missing from “Tiger Mother” Parenting

There is no escaping the attention author Amy Chua has received about her book “Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mother”. I’ve been captivated by the discussion, both as a Chinese American woman and a psychologist who works with families and children. The intrigue is partly because of my clinical passions (parenting, culture and parent-child relationships)…

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