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13 Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist

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When you are considering therapy for your child or teen, you may wonder how to begin your search for a therapist. Get a recommendation:  Word of mouth is often an excellent way to obtain a recommendation. Pediatricians, school counselors, pastors, rabbis, and friends may be a source of information about local therapists. Some parents prefer…

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Activities for Learning How to Compliment

Bullying Prevention: Creating a Positive School Climate And Developing Social Competence by Pamela Orpinas and Arthur M. Horne is a rich resource for practical and effective anti-bullying programming. It’s chock full of research, programming information, resources, and some activities to build skills. Here’s one of our favorite activities from the book. These activities are useful for…

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Alternatives to Relational Aggression (RA)

Girl Wars Questionnaire Back in the day, early research on aggression indicated that girls did not engage in aggressive behaviors. This statement often evokes a “ha!” or a “what?!” for those of us who work with youth. The problem with the first research on aggression was its focus on direct and physical aggression. Research today…

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Celebrating Cooperation and Working Together Through Music

Our children may spend a good amount of time talking about “when friends aren’t so friendly.” As parents, educators, and youth advocates, we are often distressed, even alarmed, by children’s conflicts, bullying, harassment. Does our capacity to celebrate cooperation, solidarity, and connection get lost in the shuffle? Lyn Mikel Brown, author of Girlfighting: Betrayal and Rejection…

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Social World of Girls: A Resource Guide

These are some resources for parents dealing with girls’ changing social world. Clicking on the books will take you to their ordering pages on Amazon.com. For Parents of Elementary School Children Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children by Michael Thompson, Ph.D. and Catherine O’Neill Grace. Good Friends Are Hard to Find: Help…

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