Space Invader is on the loose! Space Invader is an Unthinkable that is skilled at invading the brains of citizens everywhere. Be on the lookout for these signs of the Space Invader. The Space Invader will be seen moving into someone else’s personal space without noticing where their body is! Space Invader is known to make other people uncomfortable by getting into their personal space bubble.


The Unthinkable called Space Invader can be defeated by the Thinkables – super flexible thinkers who use special strategies.


Try out these strategies to check out your super flexible thinking.

  • Notice where your body is in your group of friends. Where are you in relation to others? Close? Faraway? How can you tell? Do others look like they might feel uncomfortable? Good observations!


  • Now, use the one arm rule. Stay one arm’s length away from the person nearest you.


If you want help learning to spot and defeat other Unthinkables, such as the Rock Brain or Energy Hare-y, then come to the Superflex Summer Academy!


by Dr. Jessica Fisher

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