Mindfulness Musical Instruments Activity


With the Woodstock Paint Your Own Instrument Set, you can be an artist as well as a musician. Use your own non-toxic paints and markers to decorate your train whistle, maraca and mini tambourine. for a completely custom look. Or if you prefer a natural finish, leave as is. The set includes paintable train whistle, maraca and mini tambourine. All the instruments are made of genuine wood and feature authentic, high-quality sound. A great activity for a party or play date! NOTE: Paint and marker are not included – if painting, allow to dry completely before using. (Age: Ages 3 and up)

Activity: These instruments allow children and teens to engage in a number of mindful sensing activities! Visual mindfulness: Girls can paint the instruments with colors and images that soothe or excite – their choice.  Listening mindfulness: the sounds of the instruments played together or separately make for fun listening. Girls can experiment with combinations of sounds, creating their own music!

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