Empowering girls and women for life.
Weekly Therapy Groups

We offer 25 weekly groups – for all ages! Give yourself and your child the right support.

Group therapy is a great way to build support and community with same-age peers. It also provides an opportunity for real-time practice of skills within a safe and supportive environment.

Group therapy can be a complement to individual therapy or a stand-alone service when appropriate.

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Coronavirus Resilience and Readiness

We’re closely monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) news and updates. Our goals are two-fold: supporting the physical health and safety of our community and providing ongoing therapeutic support to our client community.

We invite you to review our latest policy and recommended resources to promote resilience and readiness during this health crisis.

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Online Therapy During the Coronavirus Crisis

We’re working with our clients, both individually and in groups, via online therapy for the duration of the coronavirus crisis.

Learn how online therapy works – including the benefits, logistics, expert tips from our team of therapists, and much more!

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