Empowering girls and women for life.
Friendship Rally – An Introduction to Stand Up! Speak Out!™

Ever wonder what to do when a friend isn’t so friendly? Do you wish you had more tools for navigating friendships or feeling left out?

This fun and informative workshop gives girls practical tools to help handle sticky friendship situations and turn them into growth opportunities.  Girls learn how to use assertiveness effectively, approach challenges with confidence, calm big emotions and more.

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Many teens struggle with intense emotions. Along with overwhelming feelings, teens may experience symptoms and behaviors that are worrisome: panic attacks; tearful, angry outbursts; self-injury; suicidal thoughts. They may have difficulty focusing on school or maintaining meaningful relationships. DBT is a type of treatment that has been found to help teens build skills to effectively deal with strong feelings and relationship challenges. Our DBT program provides individual, group, and family therapies, as well as skills coaching.

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NEW Health & Wellness Center at the Institute!

We’re excited to announce the Health and Wellness Center at the Institute – offering health psychology and pain management services!

Aligned with our mission of empowering girls and women for life, the Health and Wellness Center at the Institute provides specialized psychological and support services. In collaboration with clients’ other health care professionals, we provide an individualized approach to meet unique needs.

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