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Young Women’s Program

For young women ages 17-30

These can be exciting times if you are in your late teens or 20’s. It can also be a time of change, discovery, and questions. Here at the Institute we have a variety of services designed to help young women develop their authentic selves, build growth-fostering relationships and live empowered lives — personally and professionally. Individual, couple, group therapy and workshop options provide ways to grow and gain skills. Our articles and resources offer additional tools for navigating life.

Monica Valdivia Aguilar, M.A, MFT is the Coordinator of the Young Women’s Program. She can be reached at 626.585.8075, ext 112 or by email at MValdivia@InstituteForGirlsDevelopment.com 

Individual Therapy
Being in your late teens and 20’s can be filled with many changes and transitions. Our individual therapy supports young women through the different stages of growth that young adulthood brings.

Group Therapy

Young Women’s Process Group: This is an ongoing supportive empowerment group with a focus on the transition to young adulthood and college life. This can be a great adjunct for seniors in high school, for young women in college, or those who are preparing to start or return to college.

Early Career Professionals, Graduate Students, or Recent College Grads — Women’s Process Group: This group provides a supportive space to collaborate with other women from diverse backgrounds who wish to find more balance in their lives. Participants explore their many roles and learn to cope with the intersections of career, culture, relationships, academics and family. This group also helps women navigate different paths and find confidence in making big life decisions.

Women’s Embodiment Group: This 4-week group offers gentle hatha yoga practice, journaling, and group sharing to facilitate a more authentic relationship with our whole selves.

Young Women’s Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Program: This is a Comprehensive DBT program that “adheres” to the highly structured model researched by Dr. Marsha Linehan. This program is mindfulness-based and skills-oriented. It aims to equip young women in learning skills for regulating their emotions. We provide individual DBT therapy, a DBT skills group, and phone coaching as part of this comprehensive program.

Couple Therapy
Assisting couples—non-married, newly engaged, or recently married

Articles and Resources
Here are some articles that may assist you. These have been written to provide tools and information for today’s young woman.


New Client Paperwork

To arrange a consultation and get password to access client information documents, call 626.585.8075, ext. 108 or e-mail.