Group Therapy

 Group Therapy 

Therapy groups offer unique and exciting opportunities for growth. Support, real-time skills practice, and the opportunity to observe and change patterns are just a few advantages. Group therapy can be an economical compliment to individual therapy, or a stand-alone service when appropriate. All of our therapy services for individuals, groups and families are being offered online via Telehealth (online therapy) during the coronavirus crisis. Telehealth can be a safe and effective way to connect with an experienced therapist via a secure video platform. For more information, please see our coronavirus Practice Plan and resources.

Check out the following fliers for an overview of our offerings by age group: Elementary GroupsMiddle School GroupsHigh School GroupsYoung Adult Groups, Parenting Groups.

If you’re curious about the process of getting started in therapy, click here to check out our guide!

To arrange a consultation and get password to access client information documents, call 626.585.8075, ext. 108 or

New Client Paperwork – Adult

New Client Paperwork – Children and Teens

Credit Card Authorization

Fee Schedule

Click here for more information on the benefits of group therapy.


Girl Power™

Superflex Academy

Middle School

Be Body Positive

Girls & Grit™ Middle School

Girls’ Connection

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Groups

High School

Beautiful Shades

Compassion & Grit

Girls & Grit™ High School

Rainbow Grit

Walk & Talk

Teens’ Connection

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Groups

Young Adults

Explore Your Path

Inner Journey Circle

Adults (now offered through our new center, Flourish Therapy + Wellness, a division of the Institute for Girls’ Development)

Mind + Body Connection

Parenting During the Pandemic

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