Comprehensive Individualized Assessment

Neuropsychological, Cognitive, Educational, Psychological Testing

Does your daughter struggle in school? Does she find it hard to focus on her homework? Has it been suggested that your daughter may benefit from accommodations for test-taking? Does your daughter experience emotional ups and downs that are hard to understand? Are you a young adult who has struggled in school but never been tested? Has your college suggested an updated or new assessment to assist with accommodations? Perhaps your therapist has noted a difficulty identifying a specific diagnosis. These are just a few of the situations in which a comprehensive assessment may help!

Assessments can sort out some of the complex neurological, psychological, cognitive, and educational factors that affect your ability to thrive. Assessments can provide information about how to help your daughter at school, at home, and in friendships. Our assessment services help find answers for both children and adults who may be dealing with learning or attention differences, or psychological challenges that have been difficult to diagnose.

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Comprehensive Individualized Assessment FAQs 
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