Promoting Resilience and Readiness 

On a daily basis, the Institute team is closely monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) news and updates. Our goals are two-fold: supporting the physical health and safety of our community and providing ongoing therapeutic support to our client community. We will continue to update you with implemented preventative and educational actions as well as information about how best to access our services (in person or online). 

All of our therapy services for individuals, groups and families are being offered online via Telehealth during the coronavirus crisis.

How You and Your Family Might be Feeling

We know from experience and research that anxiety, depression and stress are features of health epidemics. And, we understand that children and adults who are already experiencing distress may be more vulnerable to an exacerbation of symptoms. Another stressor we’re hearing more about is stigma. As the CDC has emphatically noted, ethnicity is not a risk factor for coronavirus. Yet fear and stigma are hurting many people in our community.

How We Can Help

Please consider us a resource to help children, teens and families build the resiliency tools they need to navigate the variety of stressors right now.  Refer to the resources below for coronavirus updates and tips for building resiliency and managing stress.  

If you’re interested in additional support through therapy for yourself or your family members, contact us at 626-585-8075 ext. 108.   We are offering online therapy via HIPAA compliant, secure online therapy platforms as an option during this time.  Wishing us all good health, good wisdom, and good calm as we journey together.


CEO & Founder, Licensed Psychologist


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