4 Essential Criteria

Diversity Component:

Successful candidates will demonstrate responsiveness and sensitivity in working with a community that is diverse with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and religion. As the Institute is committed to increasing the diversity of both our staff and the clients we serve, candidates should identify their strengths and experiences in ethnically diverse settings and with other under-represented groups. The Institute’s JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Initiative offers varied opportunities for training and leadership development among our team members; we’re interested in hearing from applicants about their areas of interest in leadership and ongoing learning in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and antiracism and cultural responsiveness in therapy.

Clinical Component:

Successful candidates will demonstrate strong and effective clinical skills appropriate to their level of training and experience, as well as a passion for working with our primary client population of girls, young adults, gender expansive individuals, and families. Successful clinicians at the Institute are able to articulate and implement effective and known-to-work treatments in a collaborative, compassionate spirit and individualized to the needs of the clients and families. Candidates should identify the approaches they utilize, the ages of clients they work with (children, teens, adults), and any areas of particular passion and/or expertise, including certifications. (Examples of subspecialty areas of interest include but are not limited to: working with youth on the spectrum, health psychology and pain management, anxiety/OCD treatment, body image and eating disorder treatment, neuro-feedback, and family systems.)

Educational Component: 

As an organization, we are interested in education on many levels. The successful candidate will have a commitment to lifelong learning and identify areas of interest for professional development. In addition, if candidates have an interest in providing community education to youth, community education to parents, professional trainings to others in mental health, and/or ongoing clinical supervision, we invite candidates to note this along with any experience they have in offering such educational activities.

Organizational Component:

As a group private practice and an entrepreneurial setting, we hold strong values in collaboration, teamwork, community relationship building, social and racial justice, professional advocacy, mentoring, innovation in program development and systems,  and organizational creativity. Successful candidates should identify experiences that demonstrate their commitment to one or more of these values within an organizational setting.

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