Aleena Bhatti

Aleena Bhatti

Community Education Workshop Facilitator  

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Growing up, I lacked self-confidence and self-assurance. I believe many girls do not have a full appreciation of themselves because of the high and unreasonable expectations placed upon them. I want to teach girls and teens to embrace and value their authentic selves and to show others to do so as well.  

I am overjoyed to be a member of the community at the Institute for Girls’ Development.  I’m excited to pursue my goal of encouraging female empowerment, especially through collaboration, and I admire the Institute’s determination to create an inclusive space where girls can find a trusting and empowering community.

Other Experience:

I participate in a program called SHE Nicaragua that works to provide young girls in Nicaragua with essential information about growing up as a female. Additionally, I’ve been a Girl Scout for about five years. Girl Scouts has taught me the importance of creativity, collaboration, and community.


Polytechnic School Junior


I strive to help empower girls around me to go through life confident, self-assured, and with the necessary tools to thrive. 

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