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Superflex Academy

Superflex Academy is a super fun, social skills-building weekly therapy group
for girls in 2nd – 5th grades.

Date and Time:

September 9th – December 16th

Mondays from 3:45pm to 4:45pm


$85 per session for 15 sessions

Led by:

Morgan Fletcher, Psy.D. (PSY 30548) and Danielle Neddo, Psy.D. (PSY 29486)

The Superflex Academy Group Experience:

This imaginative, empowering weekly therapy group teaches friendship and emotional regulation skills while reducing anxiety. It is designed for girls who would benefit from tools to improve attention, impulsivity, flexibility and reading social cues. Girls defeat the Unthinkables – cool characters who represent tough behaviors like Space Invader, Glassman and Topic Twistermeister.

  • Get ready to fly! Yes, the girls will don their very own superhero capes as they partake in exciting adventures with the Unthinkables!
  • Get creative! They’ll use art supplies and inspiration to make personalized books.
  • Get moving! High energy, indoor and outdoor activities keep everyone on the move.
  • Get social! Superflex builds friendship
    skills, confidence and camaraderie. Join us!

To learn more, contact our Intake Coordinator at PHoward@IFGD.care or 626.585.8075, ext. 108.

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