Kaarthiga Selvakkumaran

Kaarthiga Selvakkumaran

Community Education Workshop Facilitator

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

As someone who grew up fairly insecure – without much guidance as to who I was and who I wanted to be – I now realize how important it is to build skills and knowledge around difficult and complex topics such as navigating interpersonal relationships and emotional regulation. I never had close friends growing up, and I often felt left out, especially because I was darker than most kids. I didn’t know anything about myself, and I struggled with finding a purpose, so I only did things that brought me short-term happiness. I have grown and learned so much about myself, but it took a lot of trial and error.  I wish, when I was younger, that I had a mentor who could have helped me discover who I was. I wish I had someone who looked like me, or someone with similar experiences, so that I knew I wasn’t alone. 

My goal is to be that mentor to the children and middle schoolers who attend our Community Education programs. Even if we don’t have similar experiences, I want everyone to know that they aren’t alone. I never want anyone to feel left out, and I want young people to know I’m there for them.

Other Experience:

  • I volunteer at my local hospital, assisting with maternity care. The experience has allowed me to build communication skills, and it’s taught me to be kind and supportive to anyone I meet.
  • I’m on Arcadia High School’s tennis team. It’s taught me to be supportive, but also competitive when I need to be. I’ve learned to be humble, work as part of a team, and to never hold grudges.
  • I’ve also been a math tutor and a volunteer in a local preschool. Both experiences taught me how to work effectively with younger children, manage larger groups, and how to be  resourceful and flexible.

Education: Arcadia High School student


I want everyone to feel included, and I want girls to feel empowered and know that I’m always there for them if they need me. But most importantly, I want them to know they aren’t alone.

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