Mahsa Nouri, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Supervised by Vicki Chiang, PsyD – PSY21136


It is my privilege to serve girls, teens, and young women during their journeys into adulthood. As a member of the Child and Adolescent Specialty Practice (CASP), the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Team, and the Assessment Specialty Practice at the Institute, I aim to support each individual in better understanding herself and thereby developing her connection to her true self as well as the self she aspires to be.

I strive to help clients gain clarity and develop coping skills that are both practical and effective. I am committed to offering a safe, supportive, and explorative space where clients can learn more about themselves and their world while developing deeper insights and long-term skills for their individual journeys.



• Cognitive and neuropsychological assessment and evaluation
• Counseling children, teens, and young adults
• Parent coaching and consultation
• Educational consultation and school-related issues, including social-emotional functioning (anxiety, stress, friendships), academic functioning (behavior and performance in the classroom), academic achievement, reading development, and self-regulation
• Treatment of individuals with learning differences and special needs, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and exceptional circumstances and histories, such as trauma
• Play therapy with young children
• Body image and body dissatisfaction issues
• Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Additional Information about my Specialties:

I have extensive experience working with children who have social-emotional challenges that are impactful to their relationships and/or to their academic achievement. Having worked in the school setting for ten years, I am well versed in school-related issues, including IEPs, accommodations, teacher-student relationships, parent-child dynamics, and behavioral challenges that affect academic engagement and functioning.

Much of my previous work has been with children, teens, and young adults with ADHD, autism, learning differences, trauma, anxiety, and depression. I use an eclectic approach to psychotherapy, one that incorporates aspects of psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches to treatment. I also frequently incorporate DBT skills and behavioral change techniques as appropriate. Throughout sessions and treatment, however, I am sensitive to ‘following the client,’ or using a pace and approach that feels comfortable, meaningful, and effective to the individual’s unique needs.

Presentations and Workshops:

Friendship Rally- an Introduction to Stand Up! Speak Out!: for 3rd – 8th grade girls


• Nouri, M., Hill, L. G., & Orrell-Valente, J. K. (2011). Media exposure, internalization of the thin ideal, and body dissatisfaction: Comparing Asian American and European American college females. Body image, 8(4), 366-372.

Advanced Training: 

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Foundational Training
    • Foundational Training with Patty Gieselman, LMFT in 2018
  • ACT Training, 2019
    • Training with Michael C. May, M.A., LCPC

Prior Experience:

• Licensed school psychologist practicing at the county and school district levels: psycho-educational assessments, behavior intervention plans, parent and teacher consultation, one-on-one counseling services, workshops/presentations on behavioral modification and learning differences
• School-based counseling services: solution-focused approaches for specific or short-term challenges, systematic behavior modification, social skills development, self-regulation skills, treatment of anxiety and depressive symptoms as related to school functioning
• Special educator working with children with significant social-emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges
• Clinician at preschool therapeutic milieu: providing play therapy, group therapy (e.g., self-regulation skills, self-awareness, and social skills), parent coaching, and behavior modification
• Academic and life skills support for young adults in college setting
• Counselor/mentor to teens with exceptional circumstances such as the juvenile justice system or foster care system


• Doctorate, Educational Psychology, University of California at Berkeley
• Master of Arts, Education, University of California at Berkeley
• Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of California at Berkeley

Mission: To support the journey of continuous self-realization while maintaining a steady foundation of self-care, self-awareness, and self-love; to foster self-discovery without self-judgment while coping with challenges and progressing toward aspirations.


Phone: 626-585-8075 ext. 115