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Inspiring Books about Girls’ Lives

Check these books out at your school or local library, or ask for your parents’ help in ordering them (just click on the pictures to go to their ordering pages on Amazon.com). Selections and narrative descriptions from 100 Books for Girls to Grow On by Shireen Dodson Alanna, the First Adventure  Tamora Pierce The first in

Journaling Ideas

Journals are awesome for expressing our creativity, learning about ourselves, venting feelings, and working towards our dreams. Many girls enjoy keeping journals. When I asked some girls I know what they thought about having a Journaling Idea section here, they asked me to include some of their ideas. So, here goes: What kinds of journals

Who’s on Your Team?

We all need people we can turn to–in good times and in bad. We turn to different people for different things. Complete these sentences in your journal: Who do you turn to when… you win an award? you have a worry? you want a hug? you got picked on at school? you’re excited because you

All About Me

Here is an activity all about you! Complete these sentences in your journal: My Favorites My favorite color is… The best thing about friendship is… My favorite TV show is… The activity I like best is… My favorite book is… The kind of teacher I like best is… My favorite band (or song) is… Feelings

Making a Journal

Keeping a journal can be fun! Use a three ring binder or a blank book with lined or unlined pages. Some girls journal in photo albums with black paper pages. Try jelly roll glitter pens to write on those black pages. Decorate the outside of your journal with drawings, magazine pictures, scraps of colorful paper, photographs,

Groovy Gravity

Stimulates a sense of experimentation and discovery Gravity pulls, no doubt about it. Sit outside with your child and listen for gravity at work. Can you hear a pinecone drop? A wave crash on the shore? A raindrop splatter? Use your senses to experiment with gravity. Together, collect items from nature: pebbles, twigs, blades of

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Encourages exercise, creativity, and fun Everything in nature moves. Rocks shift. The Earth spins. Winds blow. Water travels. Animals hop, waddle, scurry, scamper, run, jump, crawl, and slither. The outdoors offers a wide assortment of movements, from a twirling leaf on its descent to the ground to an inchworm measuring its way upward on a

Building Things with Your Daughter

Invite your daughter to work with you on building projects or repairs. This builds great skills! Creativity. Eye-hand coordination. Cooperation. Communication. Problem solving. And more! It will allow your daughter to feel a sense of accomplishment. And, wow, does it provide some quality time with you. Questions you can ask: “Where shall we put the

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