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Helping Your Daughter Successfully Navigate Her First Year of College

You have walked alongside your daughter for many important events in her life. Now the day has arrived. She is embarking on her first year of college. You may be filled with many mixed emotions and wondering, “how can I support her in navigating her first year?” Talk About It: Before your daughter goes to

Balancing Life in your 20’s: Five Tips for the successful early career professional woman

Starting a new career in your 20’s can be an amazing time filled with so much promise. There is much to learn and experience.  But, how do you maintain your balance as an early career professional woman. Starting a new career in your 20’s can be filled with excitement and anticipation.  You have worked so

Navigating Your First Year in College

The day has finally arrived. You have spent many waking hours working on college applications, writing personal statements, completing the SATs, and deciding which college you are going to attend. You are filled with excitement, worry, anxiety, and ready to conquer the world. Going to college for the first time is a big change. Changes

Navigating Your First Year in College: Resource List

This list of resources is a companion to the articles found here: Navigating Your First Year in College and Helping Your Daughter Successfully Navigate Her First Year of College, by Monica Valdivia Aguilar, MA, MFT. Clicking on a book will take you to, where you can order it. You may also want to check out some of

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