Be Body Positive

Be Body Positive

Weekly, Virtual Therapy Group for Middle Schoolers (grades 6-8)

We all hope for our youth to feel good about who they are, including who they are in their bodies! The excessive screen time during online school and quarantine presents additional challenges for middle school girls who may already be experiencing challenges with their changing bodies . This support group, based on the exciting Be Body Positive Model, will teach five powerful competencies to help develop resources and a renewed energy to maintain positivity and take care of one’s body:

  • Reclaim Health
  • Practice Intuitive Self-Care
  • Cultivate Self-Love
  • Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty
  • Build Community

These core competencies are fundamental skills we practice on a daily basis to live peacefully and healthfully in our bodies. When we become proficient—competent—at using these skills, we are able to care of ourselves in body, mind and spirit from a place of self-love and appreciation. Each week we’ll come together to share our triumphs and our struggles. Your middle schooler will develop empowering skills she can tap into throughout her life.

  • Fridays 3pm – 4pm
Facilitators (click the name for license and registration information):
  • $75 per session

To learn more, contact ourIntake Coordinator at or 626-585-8075 ext. 108.

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