Body & Brain Connection

by Melissa J. Johnson, Ph.D.

“Don’t trust your fears. They don’t know how strong you really are.”  ~ Dr. Kate Truitt

Turning to face my fear, I meet the warrior who lives within….

Today is Clinical Hypnosis Day!  I have incorporated Clinical Hypnosis into my work with adults, children, and teens for over 10 years. Clinical hypnosis and the skill of self-hypnosis can help us find within ourselves strengths and resources we didn’t know we had!  This reminds me of a quote my friend and colleague Dr. Kate Truitt shared this week on her social media: “Don’t trust your fears. They don’t know how strong you really are.”  It seems to be a theme this week!

We live in an exciting time with a rich and growing body of scientific research on the relationship between the body, the brain, the mind, our imagination, and more. And in these challenging and sometimes scary COVID-19 times, it’s so valuable to bring together all the parts of ourselves to support us in courage and strength. These days, my clients and I are using clinical hypnosis as one effective tool, harnessing the power of imagination and focus for healing, relaxation, accessing strengths and self-compassion, managing pain, and achieving goals.  What I love about hypnosis is its emphasis on empowerment.  It offers children, teens, and adults a chance to gain mastery, develop fresh perspectives, and grow. During this season of COVID-19 when we turn to face our fears, hypnosis skills are one path to help us find the warrior within. Clinical hypnosis is effective as a stand-alone treatment and as an adjunct to other therapies.

How do kids do with hypnosis?  Children are naturally quite capable of using hypnosis because of their creative imaginations and ability to focus in on things of interest.  There are many situations in which they already use spontaneous hypnosis – like when playing a game in a focused way or when absorbed in a book. Self-hypnosis gives children a chance to use their imaginations for the purpose of reaching their goals, facing their fears, and finding their warrior within.

Wishing you focus and absorption in some positive and pleasant moments you may notice on this Clinical Hypnosis Day!

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