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Who’s on Your Team?

We all need people we can turn to–in good times and in bad. We turn to different people for different things. Complete these sentences in your journal: Who do you turn to when… you win an award? you have a worry? you want a hug? you got picked on at school? you’re excited because you…

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All About Me

Here is an activity all about you! Complete these sentences in your journal: My Favorites My favorite color is… The best thing about friendship is… My favorite TV show is… The activity I like best is… My favorite book is… The kind of teacher I like best is… My favorite band (or song) is… Feelings…

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Green Smoothie Ideas

#1A half a blender full of Organic Baby Spinach 1 orange (peeled) 1/2 banana (ripen a bunch and freeze so to always have available) 8-10 chunks of frozen unsweetened mango (Trader Joe’s brand is great) 1 1/2 inches of a pineapple (clean and cored) 1/2 tsp fresh ginger (more or less) Fill the blender with…

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“Green” Family Fun

Here are some activities to bring love of the earth and care for our bodies together! Enjoy! SPRING HUNT: Go for a walk with your children, in search of signs of spring. Buds on the trees, seedlings, flower stems, young animals. Breathe deep breaths of spring air. Feel the spring breeze on your skin. “Crouch down…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Comprehensive Individualized Assessment for Adults

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Neuropsychological, Cognitive, Educational, and Psychological Testing 1. What is a Comprehensive Individualized Assessment?  There are many reasons to consider a comprehensive assessment.  Our Comprehensive Individualized Assessment can include neuropsychological, cognitive, educational, and/or psychological testing, depending on what is needed.  We individualize each assessment protocol to address the particular questions you would like answered. We will…

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