Fun Art and Science Projects with Halloween Candy!

Delight your Children with Art and Science
Projects using Halloween Candy!


Halloween is here – a time of ghosts, goblins, and…..CANDY! Do you dread arguing with your children about candy limits? Well, I have great news. There are fun and creative activities you can do with candy – including projects to engage your kids in art and science.  These projects are so much fun your children should be willing to use their Halloween stash with no regrets.


Why candy? Candy is a great medium to use for projects.  It’s fun, colorful, smells good and completely captivates almost every child (and some adults).  Plus, children are excited and surprised to learn their favorite candies can be used in so many creative ways.


Entertaining art projects:


Super fun science projects:

  • Mix Nerds and cola to blow up a balloon.
  • Put Gummy Bears in saltwater to watch them grow.
  • See which candy bars float and which ones don’t; make a graph to chart results.
  • If you’re feeling brave, you can simply set up a science table with measuring spoons, droppers, cups, plates, and stir sticks, and let your kids experiment. They can mix different candies with baking soda, vinegar, oil and other “elixirs.” Let them make potions, measure dissolving time, or just see what happens. Give them goggles so they feel like real scientists.


As you work on these projects, remember children LOVE candy. They WILL want to taste it while they work.  Depending on their ages, they will need supervision for many of these projects as well.  Use the links below to find several candy related projects – and have fun!


Painting Watercolors Made from Nerds and Skittles

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Candy Science

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