Family Therapy & Parent Coaching Team

In family therapy, every family member contributes – sharing what’s working and the challenges of family life from each person’s perspective. It’s a chance for each family member to clarify values, needs, and preferences. Our team is trained in the active process of helping each member be heard and offering support and clarity for complex family dynamics.  Families benefit from improving communication, learning new skills together, and making adjustments to address subtleties in interactions. The fluidity in sessions allows real-time practice of more effective family communication – which can then be replicated at home.

Parent coaching can also be a practical and helpful tool. Parents begin coaching with us for many unexpected reasons.  It may be a desire to understand and work with a child’s developmental changes or behaviors.  It may be because parents want to improve their relationship with their children or teens. Sometimes, parents simply want to have the input of a trained, experienced professional for support during a confusing or difficult period.  Know that it is okay to ask for help – and not only to ask, but to accept and receive.

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