Get Social Media Savvy:
What Every Adult Working with Youth Should Know about Social Media

Note: This course offers 3 Continuing Education credits.

Who are the top users of social media in the U.S.?  You got it – teen girls!

Social media provides a unique tool for teens to stay connected 24/7 – and 70% receive support from others on social media during tough times. Add the dopamine jolts from getting “likes,” the freedom to interact independent from parents, and the entertainment value of apps literally designed to hook us – and it’s hard to resist.   How can teens enjoy the benefits while maintaining a healthy balance and managing the tough stuff – like those not-so-tactful group texts and why-wasn’t-I-invited photos?

We’ve received so many recent requests from educators and mental health professionals hoping to offer the right support around social media.  So, our clinical team came together and designed a unique, interactive training session. The course offers three hours of continuing education credits for California therapists.

  • What every educator and mental health professional should know about social media – from popular apps to the latest stats
  • How to offer teens the right support and help set healthy boundaries
  • Fostering social connections without screens
  • Recommended resources, apps and guidelines


Educators and mental health professionals hoping to help children and teens create healthy balance around social media and screen time


Friday, June 14
9:00am – 12:00pm



• $95 Early Bird Rate until May 30
• $55 Student Rate
• $10 Group Discount


Institute for Girls’ Development in Pasadena

Institute Training Faculty:

Melissa J Johnson, PhD 

Founder and CEO of the Institute for Girls’ Development
Licensed Psychologist – PSY 13102

Vicki Chiang, PsyD

Clinical Director: Child and Adolescent Specialty Program
Licensed Psychologist – PSY 21136

Paige Hobey, MA 

Director of Community Education and Outreach

Please feel free to call 626.585.8075 ext. 121 or e-mail Paige Hobey at, with questions and for registration information.

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