Wellness: Free Meditation Download – Be Curious – from Dr. Melissa Johnson


Free meditation from Dr. Melissa Johnson

Be Curious, written and narrated by Dr. Melissa Johnson, provides a brief introductory exercise in mindful breath awareness.  This practice can be a helpful tool for managing stress and finding a sense of well-being.  This particular breath awareness exercise is appropriate for children, teens, and adults.  Breathe – and enjoy!

Dr. Johnson draws on her years of experience as a psychologist, educator, and meditation teacher to create breath and life awareness meditations inspired by contemplative traditions from around the world and through the ages. Her work has also been influenced by contemporary neuroscience which provides important information about the benefits of meditation and mindful breathing on our brains, our nervous systems, our relationships, our health, and our happiness. Learn more about Dr. Melissa J. Johnson, psychologist, and CEO and Founder of the Institute for Girls’ Development

If for some reason you are unable to download Be Curious or don’t receive an e-mail confirmation within a day, please contact Jackie Nason either by e-mail (Jnason@InstituteForGirlsDevelopment.com) or phone 626.585.8075, ext 150. She can send you the files via email using a different format. Thank you

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