Wellness: Download Only: Falling in Love with the Breath: Breath Awareness Meditations for Less Stress and Greater Balance


During the coronavirus public health crisis we are offering this $10 download for FREE. The audio program by Dr. Melissa Johnson is designed with adults and older teens in mind.

Falling in Love with the Breath: Breath Awareness Meditations for Less Stress and Greater Balance, is an audio program by Dr. Melissa Johnson.  This audio program is designed with adults, parents, and older teens in mind.  Mindfulness and breath awareness can be helpful tools for managing stress, dealing with big emotions, finding a sense of well-being, and getting more focused. Dr. Johnson draws on her years of experience as a psychologist, educator, and meditation teacher to create this series of 5 meditations inspired by contemplative traditions from around the world and through the ages. They have also been influenced by contemporary neuroscience which provides important information about the benefits of meditation and mindful breathing on our brains, our nervous systems, our relationships, our health, and our happiness. 

A portion of all proceeds are donated to organizations serving women with breast cancer.

Learn more about Dr. Melissa J. Johnson, psychologist, and CEO and Founder of the Institute for Girls’ Development



Track List

1. Introduction to Falling in Love with the Breath
2. Introduction to Be Curious Meditation
3. Be Curious Meditation
4. Introduction – Nourishing Breath Meditation
5. Nourishing Breath Meditation
6. Introduction – Imagining Nature Meditation
7. Imagining Nature Meditation
8. Introduction – Breathe through Difficult Emotions Meditation
9. Breathe through Difficult Emotions Meditation
10. Introduction – Body Gratitude Meditation
11. Body Gratitude Meditation

If for some reason you are unable to download Falling in Love with the Breath or don’t receive an e-mail confirmation within a day, please contact our Administrative Team at admin@IFGD.care.  They can send you the files via email using a different format. Thank you!

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