SoulCollage®: Connecting to the Authentic Self

Do you ever experience a longing to reconnect with your creativity? In our task-oriented lives, connecting to creativity may seem like a luxury we can’t afford. The Rational and Quantifiable has taken center stage: we value goals, logic, and linear steps charted out that take us from Point A to Point B. And, these are necessary elements of a productive life! However, we may have lost sight of the gifts of Creativity: intuition, the joy of creation, images from dreams (and daydreams!) which connect us to the core of who we are, ground us, and keep us nourished. Together, these two dimensions bring balance. When we value one and undervalue the other, there is a whole “half” of us that goes with unmet needs, and an unused contribution.

I view SoulCollage® as a process that leads to balance and wholeness. Through creating and “reading” collage cards, we reconnect with our own deepest internal wisdom. We begin to rediscover who we are. We become acquainted with parts of ourselves with whom we haven’t even been on speaking terms. And we receive direction and guidance from the intuition that too often lies dormant inside us.

Collage card creation is a wonderfully exciting process! It requires no artistic gifting, though many discover their “inner artist” through this fool-proof process. Once the cards are created, participants are led through a process of “reading” the cards, which mines the wisdom of the conscious and unconscious minds. We are often surprised and awed by what we receive.

The Institute for Girls’ Development offers several avenues for experiencing SoulCollage®:

SoulCollage® Workshops & Retreats

Our non-therapy workshops and retreats provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in SoulCollage®! Come to spend a day (or more) creating from spirit and soul, in a warm and welcoming community of collagers. Workshops and retreats are perfect ways to be introduced to the practice of SoulCollage®, or to spend time adding cards to your deck.

Teen Girl SoulCollage® Groups

Girls receive so many messages from the outside world about who they should be, but what rituals do we have in place to help them to learn who they are from the inside? Teen SoulCollage® groups provide a space for inner expression within a community of peers who celebrate each others’ uniqueness. In group, girls learn to tap into their authentic selves and to listen to their own wisdom.

Women’s SoulCollage® Groups

Women often fulfill many roles, and sometimes end up wondering whether there is anything left for themselves. In group, women create and share together in a nurturing, accepting atmosphere. Connecting through creativity breaks down the sense of isolation that many women experience, and helps us to rediscover ourselves.

SoulCollage® in Individual Therapy

Traditional “talk therapy” accesses the language centers of the left brain, but SoulCollage® can open up the creative potential of the right brain. SoulCollage® can be the centerpiece of the work, or a helpful compliment to traditional individual therapy.


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