Stuff that Helps Us Survive and Thrive

This is what some young women say about what helps them survive and thrive:

Be true to myself – do what’s right for ME!
Talking to friends
Talking to a mentor – like a coach or teacher or reverend
Spend time away from the stress – journaling, music
Problem solving – figuring out what to do
Sense of humor
Talking to someone you really TRUST (that can be hard to find)
Talk to the person I have a problem with
A sport or hobby that makes me feel good about myself
Relaxation – hot bath, laying on my bed, naps, listening to music, drawing
Exercise – sports, yoga
Playing an instrument
Talk to someone who can help me change in the ways I want to
Screaming, letting it out
Journaling, writing
Spiritual beliefs, faith, prayer
Coming up with options
Going on a walk
Ignoring certain things
Making things – sewing, crafts
Write about it!
Talk to somebody

Add your ideas to this list!