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A New Program for Mental Health Professionals, Educators, and Others Who Work With Girls and Women

Our Training Institute is part of our initiative to share expertise with fellow professionals in mental health, education, and organizations serving girls and women. In creating this community for learning, growth, and diversity, we hope to challenge ourselves and others to think deeply, creatively, empirically and to act boldly. Our training model incorporates what we call experiential and embodied learning, drawing on strength-based and mindfulness approaches in a relational context. Our training program provides an opportunity to collectively develop our own wise and authentic voices to advocate for social change while helping girls stand strong with zest for life.

History of the Training Institute: For over 25 years I have had the privilege of teaching and training mental health professionals, educators, and others in a variety of contexts. It has always been a joy to share about best practices in girls’ programing and effective therapy to help girls and women thrive through hardiness, mindfulness, and growth-fostering connections. For the past 8 years, I have worked with an amazing group of therapists here at the Institute to define and refine what it means to provide clinical and educational services that truly empower girls and women while also influencing positive cultural change. So, it is with excitement and gratitude that we announce our next step at the Institute for Girls’ Development: the launch of our Training Institute. Dr. Melissa Johnson, CEO and Founder of the Institute.

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS 2013 (Spring and Summer)

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Self-Compassion: Mindfulness Research, Neurophysiology, and Clinical Interventions to Help Girls and Women Befriend Themselves
SoulCollage® for Psychotherapists
Compassion and Renewal Group for Women Caregivers, Educators & Professionals
Training Retreats for Your Staff or Graduate Students



Hardiness Zones for Girls: Best Practices for Helping Girls Thrive at School and After School Full Day Summer Institute
In-Service Trainings for Educators and School Staff
Training Retreats for Your Staff or Graduate Students


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