What’s a Pause Button?

By Melissa J. Johnson, PH.D.
Founder & CEO

Licensed Psychologist
(PSY 13102)

Last week we had a blast hosting a workshop for a group of second grade girls. One of their fun projects was to create a Pause Button Bracelet – colorful string and buttons to wear around their wrists. What does one do with a Pause Button Bracelet?  Ahhh…. when things get harried and stressful, press the button on your wrist. Pause. Take a deep breath or two or three. Let your body and mind calm.  At this time of year, most of us are working  double time to manage daily life while making the holidays meaningful for our families and our communities. Imagine that you too have a Pause Button Bracelet. Or better yet, make one for yourself. When things get stressful, press your pause button. Take those refreshing, rejuvenating breaths. What else might you like to do with your momentary pause? Think about what you are grateful for; reflect on someone you love; notice something beautiful in your surroundings.

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