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Q&A: Is distractibility always due to ADHD?

ADHD is not the only cause of inattention, inability to focus, and/or hyperactivity. Emotional reactions to things like bullying or traumatic events can cause inattention. Anxiety and depression can also cause these problems. For example, children who are depressed often have symptoms similar to those of adults, which include lack of ability to concentrate, low…

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Q&A: My child/teen has trouble focusing on their homework. What are some first steps I can take?

It can be worrisome and frustrating to notice that your child/teen is having trouble focusing, getting organized, or completing assignments. Here are some initial steps you can take to understand more about their particular challenges. Once you’ve made these observations, conversations with the school and/or an assessment psychologist will help. Consider expectations. Are your expectations appropriate for…

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Girls and ADHD

Dr. Chris Cooper, consultant and clinical director of the Institute’s Comprehensive Individualized Assessment Program, notes that many things can cause girls to be distracted and have difficulty focusing. It can be ADHD. It can also be anxiety or depression or a reaction to bullying or other traumatic experience. That said, some studies estimate that as…

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