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Art as Language

Art as Language: Enriching Communication Through Art By Sushi Frausto, LMFT To say art is a language is, in reality, a bit misleading.  Art is a process of communication that includes language but moves beyond the grammatical and linguistic limits of language.  Art is an overarching term often commonly used for all expressive and creative

After the election: Conversations with our children

In the aftermath of the divisive 2016 election, many parents are asking, “How do we talk to our children?” Many parents acknowledge that they are experiencing big feelings, lots of questions, and a desire to identify action steps for healing and moving forward. They’ve also shared that their children are having many of these same

Making the Most out of Valentine’s Day

February is packed with holidays and meaning. It’s Black History month, National Heart Health month and we honor the birth of a few past U.S. presidents with a Monday off. If you are a parent with elementary aged children, the holiday that probably gets the most attention in your home is Valentine’s Day — the

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