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Helping Kids to Confidently Ride the Waves of Big Feelings

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HELPING KIDS TO CONFIDENTLY RIDE THE WAVES OF BIG FEELINGS   By Jessica Fisher, Psy.D. Post-Doctoral Fellow / Dialectical Behavior Therapy Specialty Supervised by Vicki Chiang, Psy.D, PSY21136   How do I know if my child could use support?  Some kids are born into the world with big feelings! This is both a gift and…

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Expect the Unexpected

Tools for wonderful and challenging times Life is full of surprises – wonderful, awful, beautiful, challenging surprises.  As we wear our many hats –  parents, educators, human beings who work with and care about young people – how can we meet the unexpected with grace and courage?  And, how can we help the girls and…

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Do Something Scary Every Day

I remember as a kid attending my first Halloween slumber party. We stayed up most of the night, trying to outdo each other with stories that sent shivers down our spines — tales of some brave soul venturing into the moonless night to face the dragon or to seek lost treasure in a haunted house….

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