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Épanouie Promo Video

Join us June 10-14 at our brand new program for transfeminine youth, ages 10-12! Épanouie is a collaboration between the Institute for Girls’ Development and the LA Gender Center. Check out our Épanouie page to learn more! Click here to watch our promo video with Dr. Caroline Carter and Dr. Erin Norton!

What is Gender Identity Anyway?

By: MARY SCHULTZ, MMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 110506)   & REBECCA TURNER, M.S.   Registered Intern (94229) Supervised by Monica Valdivia Aguilar, M.A., MFC 41352 Mary and Rebecca facilitate Rainbow Grit at the Institute, our group for LGBTQ youth. It might be safe to assume you’re wearing clothes today. But were you consciously aware

RAINBOW GRIT – A Message for LGBTQIA Teens

By Kara Johnson, M.A., LMFT Everybody needs a place where they can freely and safely express themselves. Yet I often hear from LGBTQIA teens that they feel  like no one understands what they are really going through.  They may feel  isolated from others. And, they may have lots of uncertainty about who they really are. 

Resources for LGBTQ Youth

At the Institute, our goal is to provide an open-minded space for our clients to explore questions of identity formation and to equip teens and families with resources and support as they journey to an integrated, authentic identity. At the Institute Individual therapy: While all our therapists are trained to develop targeted, supportive interventions for

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