RAINBOW GRIT – A Message for LGBTQIA Teens

By Kara Johnson, M.A., LMFT

Everybody needs a place where they can freely and safely express themselves. Yet I often hear from LGBTQIA teens that they feel  like no one understands what they are really going through.  They may feel  isolated from others. And, they may have lots of uncertainty about who they really are.  While these are common feelings for many teens, they are especially common for those that identify as LGBTQIA. If you are a teenager and are LGBTQIA, having  support is crucial.  One way to build support is to find and attend a LGBTQIA therapy support group.  These groups are a good way to explore topics that are important to you in a safe environment .   At the Institute for Girls’ Development, we have a LGBTQIA group called Rainbow Grit that meets once a week.  It is a place to come be who you are and meet other LGBTQIA teens who are dealing with similar things.  If you don’t feel like you have a place like this, consider talking to a trusted adult about whether this could be an option for you.



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