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RAINBOW GRIT – A Message for LGBTQIA Teens

By Kara Johnson, M.A., LMFT Everybody needs a place where they can freely and safely express themselves. Yet I often hear from LGBTQIA teens that they feel  like no one understands what they are really going through.  They may feel  isolated from others. And, they may have lots of uncertainty about who they really are. 

Never Back Down (Poem)

Never Back Down Grit (n.) Courage and resolve Strength of character Backbone made of steel Refusing to let me fall It’s the nerve needed to fight back Fall seven times Get up eight Daring to prove impossible a myth They say you can’t – Turn around and say “watch me” Don’t let them get to

Turning Achievement into GRIT

By Daniel Linscott, PsyD Psychologist, Co-founder of Angeles Crest Psychological Services, Inc. Thank you to Dr. Melissa Johnson of the Institute for Girls’ Development for her support with this article. Parents often ask us, “how can we help our child/teen develop resilience and grit in the face of all the challenges they face today?” We

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