Application and Evaluation Process

Learning skills to change our lives is no small matter. We understand that participating in a DBT program, either for yourself or your family, requires personal dedication, sacrifice, and effort. We have established an Application and Evaluation process to help you and our DBT team determine if our program is the right match for you at this time.

Pre-treatment requirements:

    • Phone consultation: We begin with a phone consultation to learn more about your or your daughter’s current challenges, strengths and goals.


    • Application for our Comprehensive DBT program: If you are interested in our Comprehensive DBT program, we look forward to receiving and reviewing your written application. We also ask that you sign authorizations for us to speak with all other relevant professionals involved now or recently on your team. This may include the psychiatrist, pediatrician, educational consultant, individual therapist, hospital staff, residential treatment program staff and/or anyone else who has been important to your treatment in recent months.  We will speak with these individuals and review your application in order to determine the next best steps.


    • Initial in-person evaluation for young adults: If we think you may be a good candidate for our program, we will schedule an in-person evaluation session. In this evaluation session (90 – 120 minutes in length), we will get to know more about you and you will learn more about the program. We will discuss your eligibility and readiness. You will be introduced to the DBT agreements.


    • Initial in-person evaluation for pre-teens, teens, and their parents: If we think you and your daughter may be good candidates for our program, we will schedule an in-person evaluation session. We will meet with you and your daughter together and separately to gain the information we need to make our recommendations about next steps. The sessions range from 90 – 120 minutes. This is also an opportunity for you to get to know more about us and the program. You will be introduced to the DBT agreements.


    • Team Consultation: Once we have completed the initial in-person evaluation, we will meet in our Institute consultation group to formulate our recommendations. Consulting with our team enhances the effectiveness of our recommendations.


    • Follow-up Consultation with prospective DBT participant or participant and family: We will meet with you to discuss our recommendations. If you are eligible and ready to start in one of our DBT programs, you may begin by participating in some individual skills training sessions as a first step. Many participants benefit by learning some DBT skills prior to starting the skills group component of the treatment. Your DBT therapist will provide options which seem to be the best match based on our evaluation. If we do not feel that our program is the best fit for you at this time, we will provide you with additional referrals.


Please Note:  We currently have a waiting list for both our teen and young adult DBT Programs. The current wait time is 2-6 weeks; however, we are hopeful that we will have space opening up sooner rather than later. We know that seeking treatment in a timely manner is important and therefore we are happy to provide you with referrals to other DBT Programs in our area. We so appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to connecting with you. To be placed on the waitlist, or to obtain referrals, please contact our Intake Coordinator at 626.585.8075 x108.

To apply, contact our Intake Coordinator by phone: 626.585.8075, ext 108 or


Contact our Intake Coordinator for password to access DBT application for minors:

To apply, contact Monica Valdivia Aguilar, MA, MFT, Young Women’s DBT Coordinator by phone: 626.585.8075, ext 112 or


Contact Monica Valdivia Aguilar, MFT, for the password for the Young Adult DBT program:

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