DBT Skills Program for Parents

Here at the Institute, we believe that parents play an integral role in the healing process.  The DBT Skills are life skills that we all benefit from learning. If your child is participating in our DBT program we require that parents be involved by participating in a DBT Skills Group as well. We provide additional opportunities for growth via parent skills coaching with one of our DBT therapists.

What are some of the potential benefits of participating in a Multifamily DBT Skills Group?

When the skills are learned as a family, a common language and understanding develops, assisting the process of skill acquisition and generalization for children, teens, and parents.

  • Parents learn the same skills as their child. This makes it easier for parents to notice and acknowledge when their child is using their skills. It helps parents support skills use rather than inadvertently interfere with their child’s attempts to use their skills.
  • Many parents report that they themselves find the skills helpful in their own lives – in parenting, in their own relationships, even at work.
  • Parents often tell us they get exhausted by their own reactions to their child’s suffering and behaviors. The mantra “respond, don’t react” is easier said than done, especially when we are depleted with worry and frustration. DBT equips parents with tools for effectively responding and not reacting (or at least reacting less often and less intensely).
  • Children and teens have shared that parental participation helps them feel more motivated. And, DBT does take motivation. It’s hard work. Seeing their parents working on skills, investing time and energy and money into their own growth can help.

DBT is an evidence-based practice and its efficacy has been backed by scientific research since its beginning stages of development over 20 years ago. For more information on Dialectical Behavior Therapy, please visit our website.

Please contact our Intake Coordinator at 626-585-8075, ext. 108 for more information about the group or to register.

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