Five Quick Tips to Help your Daughter with Her Pain

Five Quick Tips to Help your Daughter with Her Pain

By Dr. Erin Norton


Research shows that a variety of social and emotional factors can impact ongoing pain. Pain can have a similar effect on the body, increasing stress and worry over time. Addressing emotional aspects of your health can directly impact the level of discomfort you are feeling.

Your pain Is real! And we’re here to help.

Share these five quick tips with your daughter or try practicing them yourself! The benefits can help the whole family.


  • FOURSQUARE BREATHING: Practice breathing deeply through your nose until your abdomen expands like a balloon. Breathe in to a count of four, hold for a count of four, and slowly breathe out while counting to four. Then count to four prior to repeating the cycle eight to ten times.
  • ACTIVITY PACING: Regular engagement in physical activity is important, and so is knowing your limits. Be aware of what you can handle. Set a personalized activity level that’s comfortable for your body. Participate in that activity level in one way each day.
  • EXERCISE: Stay healthy with low-impact exercise such as stretching, yoga, walking, and swimming. Consult with your medical doctor and physical therapist about the most suitable activities for you.
  • IMAGERY: Imagine a peaceful scene where you feel comfortable and relaxed. Notice the sights, sounds, and smells of this tranquil place. Practice imagery for five to ten minutes daily.
  • MAKE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS: Those with greater social supports are more resilient and experience less depression and anxiety. Spend time with a family member, phone a friend, and join a local support network – like our Wellness Grit therapy group!
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