Making Friends with Your Body, Exercise 2: Building Blocks of Appreciation

One Monday morning, Juanita danced the Cha Cha Cha,
her sister Silvia learned to play the accordion,
Gloria invented a new language.
They all decided to be true to themselves
From the book “The Persistence of Yellow: A book of recipes for life”
by Monique Duval

This exercise gives you a chance to get creative! To find ways you can appreciate your body for its abilities. When we talk to girls about how they feel about their bodies, we most often hear about “appearance.” Truth is, our bodies are more than appearance–they are sources of strength and pleasure and more. Try this and see what comes up.

Supplies needed: First you need some pieces of colorful construction paper, markers and a space on a wall in your room to tape it up when you are done. Optional: life size sheet of butcher paper.

Start with your feet. Make a list of the random things you enjoy because of your feet. For example: “My feet help me run barefoot in the sand. My feet allow me to dance. I enjoy painting my toes.” Then, think about your legs. Perhaps you feel good about the strength in your legs when you ride your bike up the big hill. Perhaps other things come to mind.

Let your mind wander. Think of all the fun and exciting adventures, as well as the still peaceful moments that your body has helped you to have. Continue going through the various parts of your body. You don’t have to mention every single part. The idea is that your body gives you positive, fun, happy, and mellow moments of life.

Here are some other examples to get you started:
“My eyes let me see that gorgeous sunset in the mountains with my family.”
“My body has been able to heal from an injury.”
“My legs have carried me on a fun hike with friends.”
“My ears allow me to hear music that I love.”
“My fingers create music on the piano.”
“My fingers are great at texting fast!”

Imagine that each piece of paper you use is a “building block” toward making friends with your body.

If you want to use the butcher paper, have a friend or family member outline your body on the paper. Then draw or write (or do both) on this life size form about the adventures of your feet, your eyes, your hands, your mind, your arms, your ears, and more.

If you are writing your appreciations on individual pieces of paper, use as many pieces of paper as you need. Decorate these building blocks of appreciation with your own style, whether that’s doodling or using stickers or something else. Hopefully you’ll need to find a big space on your wall to hold all of the building blocks. Remember to leave some blank room so that you can continue to add to the appreciations as things pop in your mind! These building blocks are there to remind you of the positive experiences you have, BECAUSE of your body. The more appreciations you can name, the closer you will be to making friends with your body.

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