4 Tips for Intentional Living in the New Year

Thoughts on New Year’s Intentions:

Yes, I like to call them intentions, rather than resolutions. Here are 4 tips for intentional living in the new year. We have found these tips to be helpful for adults and for the teens with whom we work.

  1. Set realistic intentions. Reflect on what is do-able. Perhaps break it into chunks, accomplishing your goals step by step or as writer Anne Lamott has said so beautifully, bird by bird.
  2. Select an intention that reflects your heart’s desire. That’s right. Think about what matters to you. Go there.
  3. Find a community of support. Who can encourage and support you? Who can you be accountable to? It really helps! Personally, I find this tip to be especially helpful.
  4. Have an open-handed, open-hearted spirit toward your intentions. Sometimes, life happens and we must readjust our goals to encompass some new or unexpected reality. Imagine seeking balance between change and acceptance; acceptance and change.

 May you welcome the new year with hope and the intentions of your open-heart.

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