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Art as a Way to Advance Higher Order Thinking Skills

Art as a Way to Advance Higher Order Thinking Skills By Sushi Frausto, LMFT Participating in artistic processes builds skills that can lead to success in many areas of our lives.  Being creative requires our brain to use higher order thinking skills.  Higher order thinking refers to complex thinking that requires numerous cognitive processes to

Art as Language

Art as Language: Enriching Communication Through Art By Sushi Frausto, LMFT To say art is a language is, in reality, a bit misleading.  Art is a process of communication that includes language but moves beyond the grammatical and linguistic limits of language.  Art is an overarching term often commonly used for all expressive and creative

Art as a Tool for Self-Regulation

Art as a Tool for Self-Regulation By Sushi Frausto, LMFT Self-regulation is a person’s ability to adjust, control and manage themselves in a given situation.  Self-regulation includes: Being self-aware of what is going on within yourself Modulating one’s emotional & physical reactions Adjusting to the situation Using one’s cognitive abilities to meet the task at

Fun Art and Science Projects with Halloween Candy!

Delight your Children with Art and Science Projects using Halloween Candy!   Halloween is here – a time of ghosts, goblins, and…..CANDY! Do you dread arguing with your children about candy limits? Well, I have great news. There are fun and creative activities you can do with candy – including projects to engage your kids in art

Expressive Arts Therapy….What’s That?

Sushi Frausto, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the Institute’s Child and Adolescent Specialty Practice (LMFT #101031) How much time does your child spend in imaginative, creative expression?  Given the current focus on screen time and structured activities, children’s engagement in imaginative, creative expression is on the decline.  Not a good thing – for

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