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Newsletter | October 5, 2018

TALKING ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT WITH CHILDREN AND TEENS The political events of the last few weeks have focused our national, neighborhood, and family conversations on sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Wherever you find yourself on the political spectrum, many report that this is an emotionally grueling time. It has been particularly triggering for those who have experienced

Five Tips for Social Media Savvy Parenting

Five Tips for Social Media Savvy Parenting Melissa J Johnson, PhD and Vicki Chiang, PsyD   In a conversation about social media and kids, you may see us hold up our right hands – the index and middle fingers forming the shape of a V.  No, we’re not giving you the peace sign.  At least

Wise Mind Parenting

Being a parent is tough work! Wise Mind Parenting is a new group for parents of teens and young adults who want to find new ways to understand and navigate the tough emotions that arise within themselves and their children during this transitional time of life.  As teens and young adults move towards independence the

Using Stories in the Discussion of Race

USING STORIES IN THE DISCUSSION OF RACE Dr. Vicki Chiang Embracing all aspects of our identity is a great practice for kids and adults alike. It helps facilitate self-confidence, self-understanding, as well as compassion for difference and diversity.  Parents often ask about ways they can talk with their children about race – their own and

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