Empowering Mindfulness Tools in Education

What is more empowering for educators and students than being equipped with tools to develop effective and satisfying social & emotional lives in and out of school, cope with stress, and achieve greater focus and attention for learning? Contemporary research on learning and brain development help us understand the value of mindfulness tools for students and educators. This summer, I had the privilege of spending a week at the Garrison Institute on the Hudson River in New York. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, I joined together with educators, administrators, and counselors to practice mindfulness tools for personal and classroom use. In addition, we studied the burgeoning research on evidence based contemplative methods that help improve student academic performance, reduce teacher burnout and create healthy school environments conducive to children becoming responsible, productive, caring adults. If you are interested in learning more, here are some resources for you:

Information on the Garrison Institute’s Initiative on Contemplation and Education (ICE) and the CARE program for educators

Websites on mindfulness and contemplation in education

Bibliography of articles on research and interventions for students, educators, and schools

Contact Dr. Melissa Johnson for more information about bringing mindfulness to your classroom. She is available for individual and school consultations.

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