#WomensHistoryMonth Campaign 2019

This past March, to celebrate Women’s History Month, we featured Women Making History across our social media platforms! The women featured are all currently involved in feminist activism and they’re using their voices in unique and inspiring ways. Read on for the full list of women we featured and more information about their work, including where to follow them.

    1. Emma Gonzalez (@Emma4Change)
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    3. Kat Blaque (@Kat_Blaque)
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    5. Megan Jayne Crabbe (@bodyposipanda)
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    7. Annie Segarra (@annieelainey)
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    9. Audrey Gelman (@audreygelman)
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    11. Christi Belcourt (@christibelcourt)
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    13. Tarana Burke (@TaranaBurke)
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    15. Aura Bogado (@aurabogado)
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    17. Josephine Jones (@josephinejonessdiary)
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    19. Alice Wong (@SFdirewolf)
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    21. Emma Watson (@EmmaWatson)
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    23. Aja Brown (@ajalbrown)
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    25. Chelsea Vowel (@apihtawikosisan)
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    27. Hend Amry (@LibyaLiberty)
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    29. Franchesca Ramsey (@chescaleigh)
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    31. Imani Barbarin (@Imani_Barbarin)
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    33. Aminatou Sow (@aminatou)
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    35. Adriene Mishler (@yogawithadriene)
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    37. Ijeoma Oluo (@IjeomaOluo)
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    39. Amy Poehler (@smrtgrls)


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