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The Power of Yoga for Teens During COVID-19

—Melissa Johnson, PhD Psychologist, CEO of the Institute for Girls’ Development What are your teens doing to de-stress and stay energized during this challenging time? Moving our bodies, stretching, challenging our physical selves are all great ways to release our every day tensions. Yoga is one movement modality that is particularly effective for teens right

How can I support my child (and myself) in being more body positive?

How can I support my child (and myself) in being more body positive? By Angela Youngs, Psy.D. Postdoctoral Fellow Supervised by Vicki Chiang, Psy.D. (PSY21136) Model positive self talk. We’re all likely affected, in some way, by the messages of beauty standards. This can shape the way in which we talk about ourselves and engage

What is Gender Identity Anyway?

By: MARY SCHULTZ, MMFT Registered Intern (IMF 87459) Supervised by Monica Valdivia-Aguilar, MA, LMFT (MFT41352)   & REBECCA TURNER, M.S.   Registered Intern (94229) Supervised by Monica Valdivia Aguilar, M.A., MFC 41352 Mary and Rebecca facilitate Rainbow Grit at the Institute, our group for LGBTQ youth. It might be safe to assume you’re wearing clothes

Teaching belly breathing to your child

Teaching Belly Breathing to Your Child with Dr. Melissa Johnson:  For more information on elementary education visit  

Parents talking to daughters about body image

Moving Beyond Appearance

Sadly, we sometimes hear from girls as young as 6 years old about their fears of being fat.  As girls move toward the teen years, research shows a significant increase in what we refer to as body dissatisfaction. We hear from worried parents, “what can I do to help my daughter feel good about her

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